We are a specialist intellectual property firm

At EKM ip we concentrate on doing three things well.

First, we provide the expertise to best protect our clients’ rights and make sure they don’t infringe the rights of others. Second, we put all the necessary legal pieces in place for fledging businesses to take on the world. And third, we work with our clients to get ahead and grow their businesses through innovation and commercialisation.

EKM provides intellectual property advice with a difference

We are flexible with our charging arrangements. Most of our work is conducted on a fixed price basis.

Over the years we have noticed a change in what many businesses want from their legal service providers. Increasingly, we have seen our corporate clients tending to keep straight forward and routine legal work in-house while outsourcing the more complex tasks and litigation. To meet this change, we are happy where possible to train our clients’ staff to do their routine IP work in-house to an agreed standard and help them understand how and when is best to utilize our services for complex work or agreement negotiations.

We have also noticed that our clients are shopping for the best services in the field rather than looking for one firm to do it all. Businesses are prepared to build relationships with their key advisers individually. Which is why we don’t seek to be all things to all people. Rather, we concentrate on what we do well – giving our clients the best possible intellectual property services.

Patent & Trade Mark Services

  • Patents
  • Trade Marks
  • Designs
  • Domain Names
EKM patent and trade marks are a firm of highly qualified and internationally experienced patent and trade mark attorneys ready to protect your innovation in Australia, New Zealand, and further abroad.

Legal Services

  • IP Infringement & Dispute Resolution
  • Commercial Agreements
  • Consumer Protection
  • Copyright
  • Advertising & Trade Promotions
At EKM legal, we can help you to put all the necessary legal processes and structures in place.

Established for more than 10 years

EKM ip was established over 10 years ago to provide small to medium businesses and emerging enterprises with specialist intellectual property advice and services to commercialise innovative ideas, concepts and technology.
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Meet Our People

Australian Made Campaign

EKM is proud to be a Campaign Partner of the Australian Made Campaign.

EKM is passionate about supporting Australian innovations and products. Innovation and competitive Australian manufacture are key to the success of an economically strong Australia moving forward. The Australian Made Campaign is all about supporting local jobs and the economy and as a result, consumers also benefitting from high quality Australian made or grown produce.

We urge all Australians to do the same and support the Australian Made Campaign